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Season's Greetings!  

Our Limited Edition of Christmas Gift Packs are ready!  This season, join us to support Local Ceramicist Kim Whye Kee of Qi Pottery @ http://www.kimwhyekee.com/

Every tea cup is hand crafted. Limited to 5 packs only!  Perfect gifts for family & friends this Christmas. 

Gift our nature, help us to preserve and protect our forests this season, at the same time, support a local artist!

Pack of our best selling Lychee Green tea + Lahu Black tea and our delicious Hillside Blend Black + Lahu Green Oolong with a nicely crafted crackle green glaze ceramic teacup.


Inspired by a Chinese saying "even jade has flaws."

If you inspect the teacup closely, you would see some crack lines. These are natural crack lines caused by the light jade green and crackle green glaze but we like it because it gives the cup lots of character!

- Kim Whye Kee, Qi Pottery